Interactive Kiosks

Designed to engage customers for better in-store experience

Consumers have a desire for easier, more intuitive access during their in-store experiences. Ensure your store network has an edge on the competition with our interactive kiosk designed to quickly, seamlessly assist your consumers throughout their visit.


The K-two is an user-friendly, robust and highly flexible solution that provides various installation options for any business needs or consumer demands.

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EASY eXpress

The EASY eXpress can be used as a self-service checkout solution for speedier customer transactions and shorter lanes, or as a kiosk solution for order taking, service, additional product information or ticket and lottery sales.

Features & Benefits Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Functionality for order-taking, service, providing further product information, ticket and lottery sales and even self-checkout.
  • Built for 24/7 operation to offer flexible configuration options for a wide range of market segments.
  • Use of latest BEETLE ePOS technology, which offers excellent scalability and can easily adapt to the constantly changing retail business environment.
  • Flexible, modular design that reinforces the visual brand identity with a variety of color-customization options.

Systems Components:

  • BEETLE system
  • Diverse touch screen options
  • Printer
  • Various non-cash payment options


  • Diverse Operating systems

Services (optional)

  • Global Deployment Services
  • Availability Services
  • Operational Services
  • Automated processing of cashless transaction


Choice of different screen formats 22'', 27'' and 32''.

Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height/Weight)

22" SINGLE-SIDED (W/O POLE) 441 mm/ 17.36 inches 167 mm/ 6.57 inches 855 mm/ 33.66 inches approx. 36 kg/ 79.37 lbs

22"SINGLE-SIDED (WITH POLE) 441 mm/ 17.36 inches 167 mm/ 6.57 inches 1,705 mm/ 67.13 inches approx. 52 kg/ 114.64 lbs

22" DOUBLE-SIDED (WITH POLE) 441 mm/ 17.36 inches 236 mm/ 9.29 inches 1,705 mm/ 67.13 inches approx. 76 kg/ 167.55 lbs

27" SINGLE-SIDED (W/O POLE) 441 mm/ 17.36 inches 167 mm/ 6.57 inches 998 mm/ 39.29 inches approx. 41 kg/ 90.39 lbs

27" SINGLE-SIDED (WITH POLE) 441 mm/ 17.36 inches 167 mm/ 6.57 inches 1,848 mm/ 72.76 inches approx. 57 kg/ 125.66 lbs

27" DOUBLE-SIDED (WITH POLE) 441 mm/ 17.36 inches 236 mm/ 9.29 inches 1,848 mm/ 72.76 inches approx. 87 kg/ 191.80 lbs

EASY eXpress


15’’: 595 mm (23.43 inches)
19’’: 690 mm (27.17 inches)


440 mm (17.32 inches)


115 mm (4.53 inches)


15’’: 25 kg (55.12 lbs)
19’’: 30 kg (66.14 lbs)
dependent on configuration

Attributes K-two
Architecture Highly flexible solution with various installation and screen format options
Installation options Single- or double-sided,
free-standing or on-wall installation
CSA/ADA - compliance with CSA/ADA pole
Customer-specific color scheme Yes
Screen format 22" (format 16:9, portrait)

27" (format 16:9, portrait)

32" (format 16:9, portrait)
Dimensions 441 mm x 236 mm x 1874 mm (max)
Cash payment functionality No
Cashless payment functionality Ingenico iPP320/iPP350/lUP250 series, Verifone Vx805/820
Project-specific implementation of customized countertop payment
terminals and NFC payment solutions
Alternative payment functionality Coupons, vouchers and deposit receipts
Scanning functionality 2D scanner
Printing functionality 80 mm thermal printer
Touchscreen LCD TFT multi touchscreen
Loudspeakers Yes
Proximity sensor Yes
System unit BEETLE platform ACO kiosk box (inside)
Housing lock Yes
NFC authentication Yes
Status lights BEETLE platform ACO kiosk box (inside)
Attendant lock Yes
Product Cards K-two Product Card


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The availability of the Systems and certain features/functions displayed may vary by geography and are subject to change.

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