Vynamic™ Transaction Engine

Back-End Integration. Front-Loaded Customer Satisfaction.

Customers expect the ability to access their financial information how, when and where they want it. You need software that connects the dots seamlessly, intuitively and without a major IT requirement.

of consumers

"use just one of the channels their financial institution offers."

Differentiate Your Brand with Unexpected Capabilities.

The Vynamic Transaction software suite gives you an integrated ecosystem of new capabilities powered by a single platform.

Vynamic Transaction Automation

For decades, financial institutions have been locked into interchange processes that incur a fee for each ATM transaction conducted on the ATM rails. Because there was no simple method of determining an on-us vs. off-us consumer, there were very few options. Vynamic Transaction Automation brings true teller capabilities to the ATM. When the terminal detects an on-us consumer, it processes the transaction directly to the core backend system.

Vynamic Terminal Driving

Provide flexible acquiring functionality for self-service and EFT-POS terminals

Vynamic Teller

Meet the next evolution of the teller interface. Vynamic Teller is a web-based application that enables your staff to conduct transactions through a mobile device, a tablet, even video (while still retaining desktop computer access). The easy-to-navigate user interface helps staff streamline tasks, which can speed up complex, time-consuming transactions. And its advanced workflows offer logical menus, simple keystroke commands and behind-the-scene workflow analytics to help enhance customer service and increase employee productivity while reducing errors and losses.

Vynamic Payments

Enable electronic payments via open APIs.


Interactive Video Teller
Video: Interactive Video Teller from Diebold Nixdorf

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